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Careers at Century 21

Do you want to run your own company within the largest real estate franchise?

CENTURY 21 was founded in 1971 and has currently over 7,700 offices in 68 countries, with over 117,000 professionals. It is the largest real estate franchise worldwide.

CENTURY 21 #1 Real Estate started in Curacao in 2008. Currently it is one of the largest real estate offices on the island. With growing positive feedback from satisfied clients, the team of real estate professionals will continue to strive to maximize the level of service & professionalism. The office is conveniently located at Cas Coraweg.

When you join the team of CENTURY 21 it is as if you have your own company, under the umbrella of a large global organization. One of the advantages is that you do not have considerable initial investment costs, but you do have all benefits from the franchise. Benefits like a successful website, name recognition, positive image, strong network, expertise and many listings.

You do not pay a monthly desk fee and you can you use the office facilities 24/7. There are no fees for website, business cards, signs, advertisement and training. You take care of your own transportation & mobile phone. Our office has a team of trained professionals. The reception handles the listings and leads, manages the website and all other administrative services. The office manager guides all sales agents and the broker makes sure that everyone gets the attention that they need.

You can concentrate on the only thing that matters; sales!

At CENTURY 21 you work in a professional team of real estate experts and you schedule your own working hours. All your listings are published on the popular website and therefore finding the right clients is easy. CENTURY 21 University offers extensive training possibilities. You can develop yourself in any real estate aspect that you would like. Besides this there is weekly office training with the rest of the team. This way we make sure that we are the real estate experts.

Are you looking for a new challenge in real estate? Would you like to become a sales agent and raise your sales skills? Are you flexible and social?

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